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VKBOBA example

Example of JSP page 'contact' from VKBOBA (Versicherungs Kammer Bayern Online Beratung Assistent) project. It is private pension online consulting service.
This JSP page is used to get feedback from users.
File Date: 31 May 2002.


VKBOBA example

Example of Servlet for consulting page from VKBOBA project.
This Servlet is used to send by email user's request for consulting about obtaining private pension service.
File Date: 29 May 2002.


VKBOBA example

Example of Tag for linking next url from VKBOBA project.
This Tag is used to create a link on a page depending on status of a user - registered in our database or guest user.
File Date: 22 May 2002.


VKBOBA example

Example of JUnit Test for class StringsUtil from VKBOBA project.
The tested class is used to provide additional methods to process strings: replace substring, convert string for output to html pages and to xml fo (FOP).
File Date: 31 May 2002.


VKBOBA example

Example of filter for java FileInputStream from VKBOBA project.
This simple filter provides extended FileInputStream - data of reading file is filtered by provided hashtable (list of string pairs) - original strings and strings to which them to replace.
File Date: 31 May 2002.


OSRAM example

Example of file utility class from OSRAM project.
This class provides file system level functionality (delete file, get size, etc).
File Date: 02 May 2002.


Last updated 14 Apr 2003